Delicate Lobotomy


Just a hint of overdrive in Eb tuning brings out the right amount of grit for this delicate punk anthem. A vocals-only backing track was a special find. It helps to watch my picking hand for a lot of this.

ADfm American Idiot (Before The Lobotomy)
Punk Anthem!

The last chord, the Db at the fifth fret, is without it’s fifth because the open shape just slides up. I didn’t catch that a couple weeks ago and tried playing a barre chord there and it was awkward. I’m glad Billie Joe and I are on the same page with that movable C-shape. I love the descending bass as it goes through and how the Eb on top of most of these adds a crisp sparkle that really sings.








Author: aarondoerr

Owner of Fellow Musician LLC, a small music education business specializing in outreach and private study. I'm guitarist for musical theatre and production assistant at St. Louis Public Radio.

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